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BOAT CRUISES  -  Garden Route










Knysna Lagoon - Black Pearl Pirate Ship

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime aboard the Knysna Pirate Ship ZAMANI!  Join us in search of undiscovered treasure on the Knysna Lagoon. A ship was the most important thing a pirate could own, not only providing transport but also offering freedom. The Knysna Pirate Ship offers exactly that - the freedom to discover. Join our captain and mates as we take you on a fun journey back in time where you can almost imagine Blackbeard by your side.

Sail on the Knysna lagoon and experience the natural beauty of Knysna and it's marine life. Book a 90 min excursion on the Knysna Pirate Ship. We sail from the Knysna Waterfront out to the Knysna Heads. There will be ample time to laze in the sun and to take in the breathtaking scenery and surrounds. Zamani, the Black Pearl was built at Praslin Island (Seychelles).

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Knysna Yacht Cruises

The Knysna Heads is one of the most scenic natural locations in South Africa. Yacht charters around the Knysna Lagoon and through the Knysna Heads into the Indian Ocean offer visitors an opportunity to experience this in sheer style.

The picturesque surroundings have been the subject of countless photographs, and the memories of the experience the subject of many discussions. Some of the world’s most beautiful sunsets can be experienced while sailing on Knysna Lagoon, as the rays of light pierce the Heads and shimmer brilliantly on the surface of the water.

Springtide Charters is an option to consider for yacht charters through the Knysna Heads. Their 50ft yacht, The Outeniqua, offer various packages, depending on whether you would prefer a dinner, breakfast or overnight cruise. Ocean Sailing Charters, another option in Knysna, offers sunset cruises, as well as packages for corporate functions, private parties and team-building expeditions.


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Knysna  Rib Adventures

The 1 hour trip will go past  Featherbed Bay and then exit the infamous Heads. From there you go past Noetzie, Cony Glen and back across to Brenton and many other areas. With the RIB we get up close and personal with the myriad of sea caves and grottos. Keep your eyes peeled for the tell-tale blow of the whales as they breathe, or the large schools of dolphins that regularly comes past.

 Apart from the pristine estuary, an adventure through the infamous Knysna Heads will be the ultimate boating experience. Once out to sea the world is our oyster, where one can experience a vast array of bird and marine life as well as breath-taking scenery. When the conditions of the Knysna Heads are unsafe the adventure will continue down the Knysna estuary which has its own variety of scenery and birdlife. Be sure that this is no ordinary lagoon cruise!


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Mossel Bay - Seal Island Cruise

Romonza Boat Trips are based in Mossel bay. We offer Seal Island trips (all year round). Sunset cruises (November to April) and boat-based whale watching (July to October).

Seal Island Trips depart every hour from 10:00 to 16:00 all year round. We offer Running commentary on sights en-route. Departure is from the Mossel Bay Harbour. We stop at Seal Island for a fascinating closer look at some 4 000 seals – don’t forget your camera!

Sunset Cruises:   Relaxed and romantic 1½ – 2 hr cruises around Seal Island and the Bay, the Point, Hartenbos, Seal Island, Diaz Beach, De Bakke and Santo’s beaches. Cash bar available. Wash and flush toilet facilities on board. Picnic baskets are welcome.

Boat Based Whale Watching:  Romanza is a Permitted Whale Watching Boat. Observe the largest mammals on earth close up. A special qualified whale guide will be on board during every trip. Included is a trip around Seal Island.


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Plettenberg Bay - Keurbooms River Cruise

Keurbooms River Ferries is an unforgettable experience and a perfect excursion for the whole family. The  Keurbooms River Gorge is thousands of years old, and lined with ancient indigenous forest where you can admire the sights that lie between the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma mountains.

Your guide will take you on an exciting adventure where you will learn all about this fascinating ecosystem. Our qualified skippers and guides will point out and identify the rich diversity of bird life occurring along the river, the ‘nursery’ areas for many fish species, the specific habitats of the land mammals, and the intricate workings of the indigenous forest.

Once our 5km destination has been reached, we stop on a natural formed river bank where you are able to explore the forest up close by strolling through pristine canopies of towering Yellowwoods and other indigenous trees. Enjoy a picnic and take a stroll  in the pristine forest.


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Marine Eco-Tour in Knysna

CLOSE ENCOUNTER WHALE WATCHING:   Let’s get up close and personal with these majestic giants that inhabit our vast and pristine Indian ocean. These migratory mammals, Southern Right and Humpback whales, grace us with their presence from June to November annually showing off their acrobatic skills while nurturing their young. Approaching a whale requires incredible skill and understanding of the behaviour of these gentle giants. Our skippers are well aware of the strict guidelines set in place by the permit and respect that they are in the whale’s domain.

MARINE ECO TOUR:   Our Rugged and beautiful coastline has so much to offer. When we venture through the sheer Knysna Heads it draws us into a fascinating setting of panoramic coves, caves and bays. Amongst this natural beauty the dolphins, seals, penguins and birdlife reside in harmony in their natural habitat. Let us take you on a marine safari to showcase Knysna’s natural assets.

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Marine Eco - Tour in Plettenberg Bay

Our permitted marine excursions offer guests the opportunity to have an unforgettable close encounter with various whale species (seasonal), dolphins, seals and a myriad of birds, sharks and pelagic fish. The trip commences with an exciting beach launch through the surf. While the routes may vary, depending on weather, animal distribution and sea conditions, a typical trip runs as follows:

Our highest success rate is to head offshore to what we refer to as the "humpback highway". This is a passage of water from the Robberg Point across to Nature's Valley and the Tsitsikamma Marine Reserve, where migrating humpback whales are often encountered en route to their breeding or feeding grounds.

Occasionally we also head along the Keurbooms Beach in search of breeding groups of southern right whales. This area is also a popular hang-out for bottlenose and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins. Depending on time constraints and location of whales, we also try to visit the Cape fur seal colony at Robberg Peninsula, with a chance of spotting endangered great white sharks.


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The Black Pearl



Knysna Yacht Cruises



Knysna Rib Adventures



Romanza Cruises - Mossel Bay



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Ocean Odyssey


Ocean Odyssey


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